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Monarch waystations in Cleveland Metroparks

Monarch Waystations: Stepping Stones for an Amazing Journey

While monarch butterflies do not need luggage, worry about gas prices or schedule vacation time, their needs are not altogether different from ours. Read More...

The Blue Darter (Cooper's Hawk)

The Blue Darter (Cooper's Hawk)

The Cooper's Hawk is becoming more common in our neighborhoods. The female Cooper's is about the size of a crow and the male is much smaller. Immature birds have pale yellow eyes and the body is brown above and creamy white below, with dark streaks on the chest and belly. Read More...

Eastern Bluebird

Along the Bluebird Trail

Walking North Chagrin Reservation's trails, you may notice the meadows are dotted with bluebird nesting boxes, their sides and tops weathered and gray. Occasionally, you may catch a glimpse of their occupants — eastern bluebirds, tree swallows, blackcapped chickadees and house wrens. The bluebird trail is a study in the nesting behavior of our local cavity nesting birds. Read More...

Great Blue Heron

Heron Fishing Time

When I think about "time" I think about observing great blue herons fishing. The grace of their long legs and long bill silhouetted along our rivers or lake lends dignity to this bird. Read More...



At first glance most people would not describe spiders as being beautiful. But even the "plain brown" ones have complex patterns and shading. Read More...