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Ask A Naturalist

How are the bats doing this year? I know last year they had that nose fungus. Is there anything we can do to help them? Would a bat house help?

Posted: 3/26/2014
Posted By: Naturalist
Hi Natalie,
The bats are still not doing very well.  Last winter we saw about a 50% drop in the hibernating bats population's.  This year we expect the total decline to be about 80-90%.  We will not know for sure until about mid May when they have all retuned from hibernation.  A bat house is still a good idea, but much be a large house and placed in the sun.  If you would like plans let me know and I can send them to you. Here is a link to a blog I wrote on the topic.
Thanks for the question!
Tim Krynak
Cleveland Metroparks
Watershed Stewardship Center


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