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Purchasing and Bid Information

The Purchasing Division, a division of the Finance Department, processes and handles over 240 bidding opportunities and over 28,000 other purchasing related items in excess of $20 million, excluding non-payroll expenditures throughout Cleveland Metroparks. Bids include commodity items (such as automotive supplies, aggregated stone, paper products, animal feed, office supplies, janitorial, and other services) and construction contracts (such as paving, building renovation, facility construction, etc.)

Our goal is:

To maintain, with a high degree of financial integrity, a continuous supply of goods and services necessary to support the quality of park and recreation services common to Cleveland Metroparks.

Our objectives are, but not limited:

  1. To purchase materials and services for Cleveland Metroparks at the maximum end-use value per dollar spent.
  2. To provide leadership in the standardization of materials, suppliers, equipment, services, procedures, and any other categorical unit.
  3. To plan and project needs of services and materials in a manner considerate of Cleveland Metroparks overall mission and reputation.
  4. To protect the interest of Cleveland Metroparks, the interest of the taxpayers in Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township to assure fair and unbiased treatment to all vendors and suppliers.

Under the direction of the Board of Park Commissioners and Chief Executive Officer, the Purchasing Division has the responsibility of procurement related activities throughout the Park District and making the final determination for sources of supply, quantities purchased, delivery schedule and price negotiations of all goods and services.

The Purchasing Division is committed to taking an instructive, supportive and interactive role in daily expenditures of Cleveland Metroparks. Our commitment guarantees the taxpayer the ultimate dollar value and ensures the financial integrity of Cleveland Metroparks.

The Purchasing Staff facilitates all purchasing related activity to guarantee the daily operation and expenditures are followed according to the Cleveland Metroparks and Purchasing guidelines. The dedicated staff works seamlessly to ensure such actions and guidelines are met.