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Bike Patrol Team

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During the spring, summer, and fall, a team of certified police mountain bike rangers patrol the Park District. The bicycles allow rangers to patrol off-road areas that are not easily accessible in a cruiser. In addition to enhancing the department's patrol efforts, the bicycle is a pollution-free vehicle that demonstrates the Park District's commitment to conserving natural resources.

Being a Bike Patrol Team ranger requires concentration, agility, and physical conditioning. Members complete forty hours of rigorous training. They must demonstrate proficiency in a series of riding skills, including balance, controlled skids, curb jumping, riding stairs, and suspect apprehension. The certification course also includes a long endurance ride with steep hill climbs.

Bike Patrol Team rangers also participate in public relations events throughout the Park District and local communities, to remind visitors about bicycle laws and safety.

Bicycle Safety in Cleveland Metroparks

Take a look at this short video produced by the Rangers containing quick, safe biking reminders.