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Boating Regulations

No boats (rubber rafts and kayaks are considered boats), driven or propelled by gasoline motors, can be operated upon any lakes, rivers, ponds or other bodies of water owned by, or under the control of, Cleveland Metroparks, except in the Rocky River from Scenic Park to Lake Erie. (The speed limit is not to exceed six miles per hour.) The Emerald Necklace Marina in Scenic Park is located in Rocky River Reservation on Valley Parkway, off Detroit Road in Lakewood.

Electric-powered trolling motors are allowed on Hinckley Lake provided the boat is registered by the State of Ohio. Any non-gas powered boat can go on the lake. Hinckley Lake is located in Hinckley Reservation off West and East Drives, off Bellus Road in Hinckley. All boats must be registered with the Ohio Division of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft.