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Calling All Early Childhood Educators!

Engage your Students in Natural Discoveries with Cleveland Metroparks Eco Explorers powered by PNC!

Let Cleveland Metroparks bring nature to your students with their Eco Explorers powered by PNC vehicle and outreach program. Specifically designed for preschool and kindergarten aged students, Eco Explorers powered by PNC offers five different programs that will supplement your science curriculum based on Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards. Utilizing the Eco Explorers powered by PNC vehicle and outdoor or indoor space, your students will engage in natural discoveries as they explore habitats around Lake Erie in our Animal Homes & Habitats program; participate in interactive role play in our Recycle Today, Reduce Tomorrow program; observe and compare different animal characteristics in our Animal Adaptations program; explore weather and how it changes throughout the year in our Weather in the Seasons program and explore the needs and basic life cycle of plants with our Plants and their Parts program.

And more…

  • Each classroom will receive a lesson specific “tool kit” full of supplemental materials to enhance your science curriculum.
  • Informative professional development and workshop opportunities for educators.

To learn more about the Eco Explorers program or to schedule a FREE visit, Email: today!

Download a PDF of this information

2016-2017 Program Descriptions

Weather in the Seasons

Students will learn about weather and how it changes throughout the year.  Using interactive games and songs, we will introduce key weather vocabulary including wind, temperature and precipitation. Students will use simple tools throughout the program and explore the weather conditions on the program day.


Animal Adaptations

Students will learn that animals have structures on, or in, their bodies that influence their survival. Using pelts, animal mounts and other display materials, students will observe differences and make comparisons between different physical characteristics to gain a better understanding of key terms such as adaptations, camouflage and warning colors.


Plants and their Parts

Students will learn about the needs and basic life cycle of plants. Using hands on activities, they will discover how plants grow, learn to identify their parts and determine what parts of plants people and animals use.


Animal Homes & Habitats

Students will learn the difference between a home and a habitat and that needs play an important part in where animals decide to live. Students will explore different habitats and discover some of the animals found there using mounts, puppets, pelts, and songs.


Recycle Today, Reduce Tomorrow

This recycling program introduces children to the concept that we have too much garbage that we throw away each day.  By reducing the amount of garbage we throw out and by recycling and reusing things we can help the earth.  Using songs and interactive games, students learn how to reduce (use less “stuff”) and to recycle and reuse what they do use.