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Cleveland Metroparks Blog

You're Not Alone

Posted: 3/14/2014
Posted By: Marjorie Thomas

It was a long hard winter, but spring is on its way and warm weather is right around the corner, right? Could it actually be warming up? I can’t wait until the first really warm day of the year.

After all the snow, ice and single digit temperatures, on the first nice day I want to do something outside. Swimming! No, still too cold. Fly a kite! No, not windy enough. I know, how about a drive through Cleveland Metroparks. I’m sure it will be the perfect day for a nice, leisurely drive through the Park. Windows down, a warm gentle wind blowing through my hair, just me and nature. Yes, just me, the trees, the birds, and - thousands and thousands of other people! Wow, I guess I wasn't the only one with this great idea.

That’s O.K., I don’t mind. I’ll just drive along really slowly and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Hey, is that a woodchuck. I think I saw a woodchuck. I’ll just slow down a little bit more and see if I can catch another glimpse of him. Now I wonder why that car is tailgating me? Why can’t he just relax and enjoy the scenery like I am. He is so impatient, you would think he was on his way to work. Come to think of it, this road would be a great way to get to work. I’ll bet a lot of the people on this road are commuters. Well, I’m not in a hurry and I’m just going to take my time.

Good, that car finally passed me, but what a look he gave me. Well, nothing can bother me on such a nice day - except - now, what?

Cyclists! On the road? What do they think they are - vehicles? Well, I guess they are considered vehicles and they have as much right to the roadways as I do. I’ll just honk my horn a few times to let them know that I’m here. Oops, I think I startled them, look at them swerve into the road. Maybe honking the horn wasn’t such a good idea. After all, they are staying to the right of the road so there will be plenty of room for me to safely pass. There, that wasn't so bad. I guess the road is big enough for both cars and cyclists.

What a beautiful view! I think I’ll get out of all of this traffic, pull over and - wow, look at that guy over there. His car is stuck in the mud. Really stuck! Doesn’t he realize that if you pull off the road onto a steep slope your car could get stuck. And, he had to get the Park Rangers to help him.Some people have no common sense. Me on the other hand, I’m going to pull off right here in the grass, get out and take a walk. There’s no real slope to speak of and the ground is nice and solidddd - oops.

How embarrassing, my car is stuck in the mud. I’ll just back out quickly. Well, that didn’t work. Maybe if I try it slowly. Easy, now. That’s it! Solid ground at last. But, look at those huge ruts I left in the mud. Maybe no one will notice them. OK, they can’t help but notice. But maybe when the ground dries up this summer, people will just think the ruts are an ancient glacier formation. That’s it, no one will ever know it was me. But, I glad I’m not the poor soul who has to mow the grass over those ruts all summer. And, I sure hope nobody trips over those ruts. I think from now on I’ll just stay on the paved road and designated parking areas.

What an enjoyable way to spend the day. I drove from the west side of Cleveland all the way to the east side without having to leave the park. A drive through Cleveland Metroparks, at any time of the year, is a wonderful experience. Though next time, I’ll be sure to remember that common sense and common courtesy go a long way.

Marjorie spends a lot of time pleasure driving in the Park District and reminds you to not be surprised if you are not alone on the Park District’s roads on the first nice day of the year. Statistics show that pleasure driving is one of the top three activities in Cleveland Metroparks.


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