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How to Conduct Business with Cleveland Metroparks

Cleveland Metroparks Financial Picture

Cleveland Metroparks has an annual budget in excess of $90 million which supports the Park District. The primary revenue for Cleveland Metroparks is from real estate and personal property tax in Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township of Medina County.

Cleveland Metroparks Purchasing

Cleveland Metroparks is operated under guidelines of the Ohio Revised Code. The Park District maintains financial integrity as it continuously purchases a supply of goods and services to operate Cleveland Metroparks. The Purchasing Division processes over 28,000 purchases annually, including more than 240 bid packages. Bids include commodity items (such as automotive supplies, aggregated stone, paper products, animal feed, office supplies, janitorial, and other services) and construction contracts (such as paving, building renovation, facility construction, etc.).

Submitting a Bid

To bid on Cleveland Metroparks commodity or construction postings, call the Purchasing Division at 216-635-3224, email or visit/write:

Cleveland Metroparks
Administrative Offices
4101 Fulton Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44144-1923

Bid specifications and plans are provided, without qualification to all requesters. Specifications can be picked up, mailed, emailed or faxed (depending on the length of specifications), or printed from our website. Cleveland Metroparks advertises all bids by public notice in The Plain Dealer at least twice in a 15-day period prior to public bid opening. Companies that submit bids or wish to submit bids are entered into the permanent “bidders list” regardless of award. Future bid announcements are then mailed directly to bidders when similar products or projects are posted.

Daily Purchases

Daily purchases (below the bid level amount) are also routinely competitively priced. All vendors are welcome to demonstrate their services and products to staff. To present products or services to Cleveland Metroparks arrange an appointment with the Purchasing Division by calling 216-635-3224. Some Cleveland Metroparks managers are also qualified to enlist a vendor as “active” by providing the Purchasing Division with the vendor’s company name, address, phone number, federal tax identification number, and representative name. When a new vendor makes a “sale” to Cleveland Metroparks, they become an “active” vendor. The vendor remains on the “Vendor List” and will retain that status unless a two-year period passes without purchase activity.

More Information

Cleveland Metroparks maintains purchasing procedures that ensure fairness and objectivity in conjunction with the Park District’s mission of conservation, education, and recreation. For more information on purchasing procedure, call 216-635-3224 or email

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