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All Natural Resource Division publications, presentations and forms are available in Adobe Acrobat™ format (PDF). Large PDF files (e.g., those over 1MB – 1,000KB) may take a long time to download, and it may appear as if nothing is happening. Try downloading large PDF files by right clicking on the link then choosing “Save Target As ...”. Save the PDF file to your computer's hard drive, and then open it using your Adobe Acrobat software.

Listed below are recent publications, presentations, research papers and forms from Cleveland Metroparks and associated organizations.

Aquatic Resources/Fisheries Report Availablity
Ledge Lake Depth Map (2015 data)   pdf image (162 KB)
Judge's Lake Depth Map (2015 data)   pdf image (134 KB)
Acacia Lake Depth Map (2015 data)   pdf image (150 KB)
Shadow Lake Depth Map (2015 data)   pdf image (241 KB)
Beyer's Pond Depth Map (2015 data)  pdf image (225 KB)
Ranger Lake Depth Map (2015 data)   pdf image (614 KB)
Hinckley Lake Depth Map (2015 data)  pdf image (256 KB)
Wallace Lake Depth Map (2015 data)   pdf image (320 KB)
Steelhead Fishing Opportunities pdf image (4.3 MB) 
Fishing Code of Conduct   pdf image (194 KB)
Assessing Hydrologic Impacts of Street-scale Green Infrastructure in Suburban Parma, Ohio  pdf image (8.5 MB)
Video Article:  Modifying the Bank Erosion Hazard Index (BEHI) Protocol for Rapid Assessment of Streambank Erosion in Northeastern Ohio  Watch Video
Overview: Cleveland Metroparks Fisheries Program 2005-2012 pdf image (990 KB)
Cleveland Metroparks Fishing Report Blog: 10 Years of Serving the Public  pdf image (818 KB)
Judge's Lake Management Plan  pdf image (688 KB)
Beyer's Pond Management Plan  pdf image (665 KB)
Ledge Lake Management Plan pdf image (1.1 MB)
Ranger Lake Management Plan pdf image (581 KB)
Oxbow Lagoon Management Plan pdf image (762 KB)
Shadow Lake Management Plan pdf image (823 KB)
Cleveland Metroparks Primary Headwater Stream Report pdf image (11 MB)
Hinckley Lake Management Plan (920 KB)
Wallace Lake Management Plan (1.2MB)

Cleveland Metroparks Fisheries Program

(3.2 MB)

Electrofishing Applications at Cleveland Metroparks

(7.7 MB)
Rocky River Fish Kill Investigation presentation  (1.9 MB)
Aquatic Resource Assessment Field Operations Manual  (1.3 MB)

Harmful Algal Blooms

(5 MB)

State of Cleveland Metroparks Wetlands

(619 MB)
West Creek Ecosystem Restoration Project  (888 KB)
Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald Ash Borer Management Program: Background and Ash (Fraxinus) Management Recommendations - 2011  (643 kb)
Ash Seed Collection and Emerald Ash Borer (3.7 MB)
Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Ash Borer Firewood Policies - Update April 2008 (148 KB)
Emerald Ash Borer Update - March 2008 (199 KB)
Emerald Ash Borer Infestation - Brecksville - April 2008 (478 KB)
Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer (388 KB)
Invasive Plant Management
Cleveland Metroparks Invasive Plant Management Program (732 KB)
Lesser Celandine Control Efforts Interim Report (1.1 MB)
Lesser Celandine Control Workplan (1.2 MB)
Management Plans
Ecosystem Management Plan for the Lake-to-Lake Trail (598 KB)
Acacia Management Plan  (13 MB)


 Acacia BioBlitz Fall 2013 results  (544 KB)
 Cleveland Metroparks Tree Cover  3.8 MB)
Ohio Native Plant Suggestions for Horticultural Plantings
(724 KB)
Diet Analysis of the Coyote in Metropolitan Park Systems of Northeast Ohio (2.4 MB)
Diet, habitat use and reproduction characteristics in an Ohio population of Blanding's turtle (2.2 MB)
Eastern Coyote Fact Sheet (66 KB)
Eastern Coyote Report Form (auto-complete form) (111 MB)
Ohio Raccoon Rabies and Oral Rabies Vaccination Program
(Ohio Dept of Health)
(1.2 MB)