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The mobile outreach vehicle known as NatureTracks is coming to a parking lot near you! Entering its 40th year, this unique outreach program offers educational experiences to residents of Cuyahoga County with an emphasis on the City of Cleveland, first-ring suburbs and populations with limited access to Cleveland Metroparks. This 38-foot vehicle brings interactive, nature-based lessons and experiences for free.



What is so special about this nature-based program?

  • No presentation fee
  • Interactive exhibits simulating a temperate forest habitat
  • Mounted native animals species
  • Classroom setting with hands-on technology
  • Programs: Topics will align with current Ohio Department of Education science standards per grade level.
  • Multiple program options:
    • 1-day experience (schools 1st – 5th grades and summer programs in Cleveland city limits and inner ring suburbs)
    • 2 - tier programming for school programs
    • Community event programs (city, church, non-profits)

2016 Program Offerings

  • On-site school programs (1st – 5th grade) 
    • Backyard Neighbors
    • Food Chain/Food Web
    • Water Wizards
    • Forest Habitats
  • Tier II – Free, off-site school programs
    • Pre requisite: The school must have an on-site program before this experience.
    • Transportation vouchers for up to $150 available per teacher.
    • Interactive habitat hikes – seasonal emphasis: wildflowers, water, etc.
  • After School programs (1st-5th grade)
    • 4 week sessions/1 day a week
    •  At your location
    • Up to 25 students per session
    • Topics:
      • Outdoor Exploration 101: Capture Nature’s Treasures
      • Birds 101

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Meet Our Staff

A dedicated team of educators bring nature to your doorstep. Learn more about our staff and how they help people interact with nature. Find out more...

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