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Notes From The Field Blog

LaDonna Sifford

LaDonna SiffordLaDonna has a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from the Pennsylvania State University. During her studies she focused on wetlands, waterfowl and human dimensions of natural resource management. LaDonna enjoys facilitating fun, purpose driven experiences where visitors learn to see themselves as part of the natural world! 


Adventures in Beekeeping: Part 3
Posted: 6/17/2014
I have to say that after looking down and realizing that I was covered in bees (during my first hive inspection…ever) it became difficult to focus on completing the task. However, a few deep breathes later I also became aware that the bees were NOT stinging me! This is when I initially experienced not just an appreciation for honeybees, but genuine joy in my beekeeping responsibilities. Honeybees are truly awesome! The bees had no interest in stinging me. They are a fairly focused species. They want to ...


Adventures in Beekeeping Pt. 2
Posted: 4/10/2014
So as a brand new beekeeper, with an open hive, 3000 bees and a smoker that was not producing any smoke; I felt compelled to continue. In retrospect, I realize that this was probably not the best choice. The books that I accumulated stated that smooth gentle motions were extremely important to the hive inspection process. Continuing with slow movements, I attempted to lift the first bee covered frame out of the hive. This task was equally scary and amazing! Scary because the gloves I purchased with the ...


Adventures in Bee Keeping: Part 1
Posted: 3/13/2014
Hello and THANK YOU for checking out my first post on the Notes from the Field blog. I would like to introduce myself by introducing one of the most interesting aspects of my job as a Cleveland Metroparks naturalist; keeping honeybees. If you are considering a hive of your own, then now is the time to do your research, purchase equipment and schedule the delivery of your honeybee package. The arrival of my first package of Italian Honeybees went kind of like this: One day I was just reading about bee ke...