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American Avocet at Edgewater!

Posted: 8/1/2013
Posted By: Jen Brumfield
Original Source: Notes from the Field

One of the Nation's most stunning species of shorebirds, the American Avocet, is a western and east coast species, with only small numbers of migrants showing up in the Great Lakes region.

Avocets are rare in Northeast Ohio during migration, but vigilant observers can sometimes find them on beaches and along breakwalls when they make short stops to rest and refuel. Early this morning, I was scanning Edgewater Park's beach, and found a brilliantly-marked adult breeding plumage avocet resting along the shoreline with a Willet (another uncommon species of shorebird) and Ring-billed and Herring Gulls. Improved cleanliness of the shoreline is helping to provide proper habitat for migrant shorebirds such as this stunner. Remember: keep dogs OFF the Edgewater beach. Do your part to help these spectacular migrants have a place to rest and forage. 

American Avocet photo by Brian Zweibel


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