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Coprinellus micaceus, mica cap mushroom

A Fondness for Fungi

One day they just appear, as if transported by lightning, shooting stars, meteorites, or woodland sprites. Mushrooms seem magical. Read More...

Native plants rooted in holiday tradition

Native Plants Rooted in Holiday Tradition

As the seasons change from autumn to winter, we can’t help but warm our thoughts with the traditions and symbols associated with the holidays. Read More...

Fibonacci numbers in nature

Fibonacci Numbers in Nature

What do pine cones and the Parthenon have in common? How about an artichoke and a 3 x 5 index card? Consecutive numbers of the Fibonacci sequence are found in all of them. Before explaining, some background information is in order. Read More...

Wildflower folklore

Wildflower Folklore

This spring I invite you to look with the eyes of an apothecary. These historic professionals were responsible for not only diagnosing medical conditions but finding the cure. Read More...