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Safety FAQs

Are Cleveland Metroparks rangers police officers?

Yes. Rangers are state-certified law enforcement officers who exercise full police powers both within and adjacent to the Park District. Rangers have the same authority to arrest as municipal police officers. Rangers are on-duty 24-hours a day, year-round, patrolling parklands on foot, in vehicles, on horseback, and on bicycles.

How does the Ranger Department compare to other local police departments?

The department's jurisdiction comprises over 21,000 acres of land in six northeast Ohio counties, 100 miles of connecting parkways, and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. With 85 sworn officers, and a 15 member civilian support staff, Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department is one of the largest police agencies in Cuyahoga County.

Who do I call if I have an emergency in Cleveland Metroparks?

If faced with an emergency, notify Ranger Headquarters immediately by calling 440-333-4911 or 911. Yellow emergency phones are located throughout the Park District, and will also connect you directly to Ranger Headquarters. If you spot a Park District employee, notify them of your situation as well. They will assist you in contacting a ranger for help. Non-life-threatening situations should be reported to Ranger Headquarters at 440-331-5530.

Do I call Ranger Headquarters to reserve a picnic area or request a permit?

No. To reserve a picnic area or request a permit, contact Special Events & Experiences at 216-635-3200.

May I call Ranger Headquarters with an animal question?

Nuisance or injured animals within the Park District should be reported to Ranger Headquarters at 440-331-5530. Animal-related questions should be directed to a Cleveland Metroparks naturalist. While some park systems use the term "ranger" to describe a member of their educational staff, Cleveland Metroparks rangers are police officers. Contact a naturalist at any Cleveland Metroparks nature center.

May I call Ranger Headquarters to ask for directions?

The Ranger Department is the Park District's law enforcement agency, and should be contacted with police-related matters. Click here for maps and directions to all Cleveland Metroparks reservations, or call 216-635-3200.

How do I obtain a copy of an accident or incident report?

Contact the Records Clerk between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 440-331-5530.

How do I arrange for a ranger to speak to my organization?

Each year, Cleveland Metroparks rangers promote safety and crime prevention, and present demonstrations, to tens-of-thousands of Greater Clevelanders. Click here for more information.